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Our Philosophy

The firm operates with the understanding that each client group begins a project with a unique set of resources, requirements, budget and future needs. By re examining the traditional techniques used in the provision of architectural services, Creative FormWORKS has been able to develop expertise in a wide range of unique and exacting areas of practice.

Clients are both public and private sector. Our design values are based on understanding client objectives, clarifying and developing the brief, developing rational planning strategies, a respect for climate place and context, balancing social and community concerns in building projects, encouraging positive healthy environments and ecological effects and researching appropriate materials and construction technologies.

This broad approach to design promotes excellence, a professional service, and a high quality architectural outcome.
Creative FormWORKS’ reputation is built upon long term client relationships created through the personal and professional attention we give to each project.

Since its inception, Creative FormWORKS has delivered building analyses, feasibility studies, master plans, site plans and design services to senior living, religious, educational, health care and hospitality clients nationwide.

To provide the best talent for each project, Creative FormWORKS regularly retains the services of professional consultants who are recognized for their specialized knowledge and skills in engineering, communications, acoustics, landscape architecture and food service.

Creative FormWORKS believes in close client collaboration throughout the planning and design process. We work to present a full range of options that enable our clients to make informed decisions that meet their needs.

Our firm’s growth has been controlled so that each client works directly with a principal to develop program and design criteria for each project. Excellent, personalized service is our forte.

R. Casey Nelson

Design Director / Project Manager

With an architectural and interior design background, Casey’s design work prioritizes the integration of internal and external spaces with emphasis on pragmatic space planning, materials, finishes and climatic and contextual responses to the user requirements.

As project manager, Casey takes responsibility for overseeing design and commercial build out projects, preparation of detailed design and construction drawings together with estimated costs, project specifications and contract documents, analysis of construction and tendering options as they relate to the Client’s resources and current market conditions.

Casey is the project manager of a dedicated design department which is integral to the coordination of the overall design and planning effort as well as achieving the aesthetic goals of the project.

Casey’s interests extend to the comparative effect of materials selection, construction technologies and design technologies on a building environment, maintenance and the economies. Casey has experience across a range of differing scales and types of buildings, construction and procurement methods promoting a highly collaborative design methodology which recognizes and responds to the diverse range of skills and expertise found in client bodies and multi‐disciplinary teams. ‐ It is a rigorous, iterative process of engagement, consultation, research and analysis from which innovative ideas and options emerge to form the basis of appropriate architectural outcomes.

Team Structure

Under the leadership of Steve Hepner & design partner, R. Casey Nelson, Creative FormWORKS has evolved as a design practice providing comprehensive architectural services to the senior living, education, health care, religious and hospitality markets, establishing an excellent reputation by successfully helping clients throughout the United States with progressive design solutions that reflect their vision.

Creative FormWORKS combines the expertise of a core of professionals with today’s technological resources. The firm’s operations are built upon procedures which maximize the efficient delivery of the senior firm member’s knowledge.

A principal of the firm is assigned to every project who in turn defines and leads the staff and sub‐consultants assigned to the project. The firm’s job control framework ensures effective and dedicated use of the project manager throughout the duration of the project.